A little about me ...

Each of us has walked a different path and from that we have a unique story to tell. Through my work I want to capture the most authentic version of you; a series of images for you to keep and not only see as beautiful but a series that evokes your emotions; where you can see that even in the most ordinary of moments there is beauty in connection, in calm, in wild, whatever your story may look like. I will always take the time you see you, listen to you, work within your boundaries and comfort. I will always respect your privacy and your space, giving you to time to settle in and release your guard.

The chapters of my life have each looked vastly different. I have traveled extensively, lived all over the world, pursued various professional goals, formed new friendships, developed new interests but through it all photography and motherhood have been ever present. Here I have found my place in capturing families as their little ones enter the world, as they are welcomed home, as they grow from babies to children to young adults. Creating these tangible memories is quite honestly my passion and I would love to share that with you.